The following article attempts to shed light on the number of people killed by Islamic Jihad. It arrives at the the figure of 270 million. But I know for example the figure for Hindus and Buddhist killed by Islamic Jihad was put at 80 million as a moderate estimate – some historians believed that it was possible that 100-120 million Indians were killed to bring that country under Sharia.

The real figure of those killed by Islamic Jihad could be somewhere around 300-400 million. Because here we are forgetting to conquests of the Middle East, Persia, the Caucasus and North Africa. There are stories of the Berber tribes people [who now call themselves Arab], put up a good fight against the Islamic invaders, one woman commander among them.

In addition – though the following article states that only Christians and Jews were awarded the status of dhimmihood – while Hindus and others had to convert or die – to some extent the invaders held to this Islamic ‘truth’ – killing 100,000 in a single day. Still 100,000’s and possibly millions of Hindus/Buddhists were sent as slaves to Baghdad markets. Many of those who were enslaved were forcibly converted and turned round to conquer more of India. The Ottoman Empire used the same tactics in Eastern Europe – where even today in Bulgaria example… for a Muslim to call a non-Muslim a slave or Giaour is considered an insult – comparable to a racial slur.

We are told that the Muslim population around the world is 1.3 billion. Of course converting from Islam is not allowed – so the secret Christians of Iran and across the Middle East and North African would not be counted. But if just 300 million people were slaughtered in Jihad – that would mean that nearly every 4 Muslims alive today ~ 1 would have been killed to spread Islam or 1/4.

Chilling statistics – and what is more chilling is that unlike Christians who will apologize profusely for past wrongs – expect Muslims to make no such apologies – these are God’s wars. All that killing in the name of Islam from the time of Muhammad – to them was sanctioned by God.