Monday, January 16, 2012

Fox News Interview

Ron Paul Robbed by Fraud at Iowa Caucus?

Phil Donahue On Piers Morgan Discussing Ron Paul

Ron Paul's Position on Israel

RON PAUL Surge Or Tsunami?!

The ENTIRE Planet is Endorsing Ron Paul For President in 2012

Ron Paul on coming New World Order (15/09/11)

Ron Paul warns of the coming New World Order. He doesn't actually say nwo but when he quotes the Bible "Bashing their swords into plowshares", that is a verse that is thought to warn of what is to happen to the coming world. This is when the antichrist will come into power in the Bible. We must vote him in the Republican Primary to help stop or at least postpone what the Central Banks and Bankers are trying to do to our Country (USA) and World.

When Mitt Romney Came To Town

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America, have you forgotten history?

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